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The Complaint Came Too Late: J.P. Morgan Caught Filing FINRA Complaints After Firing Whistleblower

A former broker for J.P. Morgan Chase was fired by the bank due, in part, to complaints about him filed by current and former customers with the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA). However, later investigations determined both that some of … Continue reading

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California: A Request for Accommodation Alone Will Be Considered a “Protected Activity” for Purposes of Retaliation or Discrimination Under FEHA

In the summer of 2015, California Governor Jerry Brown signed Assembly Bill No. 987, which, as of January 1, 2016, amended California’s Fair Employment and Housing Act (Government Code section 12940 et seq.) (“FEHA”) to prohibit an employer from retaliating … Continue reading

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Unlimited Time or Unlimited Trouble? San Francisco Startup Offers Ex-Employees Cash to Avoid Suits Over PTO Policy Problems

A high-profile California technology startup that provides online access to insurance and human resource management solutions for small businesses, has found itself in the ironic position of offering to pay cash to former employees to avoid legal liabilities associated with … Continue reading

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Pennsylvania Supreme Court Holds Continued Employment Insufficient to Enforce Non-Compete Covenant

The Pennsylvania Supreme Court has held that employers looking to implement non-competition agreements (i.e. restrictive covenants not to compete) with their current employees must provide “new and valuable consideration” to render the agreement enforceable. Pennsylvania employers should now ensure that … Continue reading

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California Employers Must Bear the Cost of Employee Training When the Training is Solely Required by the Employer

California employers are required to pay for all necessary expenses that an employee incurs as a direct result of his or her employment, and an employee cannot waive this right by any agreement or contract. (Labor Code sections 2802 and … Continue reading

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