EEOC Verdicts and Settlements — February 2013

Our update on EEOC verdicts and settlements for February 2013 is after the break.

NC – A.C. Widenhouse, Inc. will pay $200,000 in compensatory and punitive damages in a race harassment suit.  The suit alleged that the trucking company subjected two African-American truck drivers to racial comments and slurs.  The jury found that one of the employees was fired for complaining about the conditions.

TN – A jury has awarded $30,000 to the victims in a sexual harassment case.  The general manager of The Finish Line, Inc. subjected three female subordinates, who were minors at the time, to unlawful harassment.  The suit alleged that the company forced the female employees to quit and retaliated against one woman by reducing her pay because she resisted the sexual harassment.

IL – South Loop Club will pay $100,000 to settle a sex harassment and retaliation case.  The suit alleged that the bar and grill fostered a work culture that promoted the harassment females employees.  South Loop Club will have to report any complaints of sex or gender based harassment and retaliation to the EEOC for the next two years.

MI – Reed Pierce’s Sportsman’s Grille will pay $20,000 to settle a pregnancy discrimination suit.  The suit alleged that the bar fired a server due to her pregnancy.  The employee was given no warning or prior disciplinary action.

MD – The University of Maryland Faculty Physicians, Inc. will pay $92,500 to settle a disability lawsuit.  The medical practice fired an employee because of her Crohn’s disease.  The employee was unable to work for two weeks while undergoing medical treatment.  When she requested an additional day of unpaid leave the medical practice terminated her employment.  The EEOC charged that the medical practice’s attendance policy violated the ADA because it did not provide for modification of their policy as a reasonable accommodation.

TX – REDC Default Solutions will pay $50,000 to settle a disability discrimination lawsuit.  The company fired an employee over her post-stroke condition.  After receiving a letter from the company’s HR director, the employee submitted a doctor note indicating the date she would be able to return to work.  The company denied her the reasonable accommodation of additional leave and terminated her employment.

IL – Adventures in Learning Aurora, Inc. will pay $31,000 to settle a pregnancy discrimination case.  The suit alleged that the day care center refused to allow a pregnant teacher to work.  The woman was discriminated against after her forth month of pregnancy when it refused to allow her to continue working.

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